You will be able to test your assistant here as soon as you’ve added an intent to it.
Welcome to your first assistant
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An assistant is a made up of intents, like DeleteCalendarEvent and CreateMusicPlaylist. Intents define what type of user sentences your assistant will understand. Before chosing intents, you just need to do some minimal setup here. Once you’re all done, you will be able to download and install it on your Raspberry PI (Support for more platforms is coming in the near future). Enjoy!

Assistant name


If you want to run Snips’ AI on other platforms,

Assistant language


ASR ProviderASR = Automatic Speech Recognition

Snips On-Device ASR

HotwordTo start your assistant listening

Hey Snips
Want to customize the hot word for your assistant? Let us know

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Add intents to your assistant by selecting a built-in intent, or create your own custom intent.
+ Add Intents
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