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CrystalMethod·21 ratings·Excellent Quality
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Use this skill to query information on Wikipedia. Easy to install with "sam install skills". Gitlab Repository:

  • searchWikipedia

    18 examples·1 slot
    Define universe.
    What is called a disease?

Parameters configured on device.

haiqwe12313 Jan
GREAT !!!!
wizbowes1 Jan
I notice you have: wiki.set_lang('de') hardcoded in the action. If you set this as a user parameter people wouldn't need to fork if they want English.
pianobill24 Dec 2018
Doesnt wok. Only intent is recognized.
koan5 Oct 2018
Cloning skill CrystalMethod.Wikipedia from url: Cloning into 'snips-wikipedia'... fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: No route to host ✖ Error: find: ‘/var/lib/snips/skills/snips-wikipedia’: No such file or directory