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Voice Controlled Assistants Running On-Device
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felinh·3 ratings·Good Quality
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allume et eteint les "switch" et les "scenes". nom sous domoticz = contenu du slot. exemple: Allume la cuisine. steps: get all switch names get all scenes names match with the voice command

  • IntentLumiere

    20 examples·2 slots
    mets la tele
    éteins la colonne
  • IntentOrdreDivers

    8 examples·1 slot

Parameters configured on device.

Loky3130 Jul
Hi, would it be possible to use the device location of domoticz ? Another thing Is that snips des not catch everything well (at least in french)... Anyway Thanks for the job 😁 I would be interrested in pm to work on a fork to improve thé app if possible.
nx34513 Mar
Je n'arrive pas à le faire fonctionner avec un déploiement manuel (sans sam).